Chinese sex robots better than American

Will Your First Sex Robot Wife Be Chinese?

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Well, this excellent video uploaded to YouTube recently doesn’t directly ask that question, but it sure does hint strongly to a future where your first sex robot wife or lover will likely be made in China. With lots of great footage taken at a Robotics convention held in that country last year, it does an admirable job of showcasing how quickly the industry is advancing there. It’s interesting that China has such a liberal attitude towards sex robots, sex dolls, and sex toys in general, when they are at the same time so famously intolerant of pornography. I am unaware of any campaigns in China to ban these things, unlike here in the West. Of course, being a one party State, things could change overnight. Perhaps the Chinese authorities realize that a lead in the robotics and AI industries is essential for their nation’s future, and that – like it or not – sex robots will play a large part in this.

The short documentary also takes note of different perceptions of sex robots based on gender, with women shown by surveys to predictably have a more negative perception than men. Similar surveys have shown the same gender based differences towards prostitution, as well as pornography. The video narrator notes that the sex robot survey found that each gender falsely expected their partner to share their same views. You can read the survey published in March 2020 here.

DS Doll Robotics, which is one of the Chinese companies whose robots are featured in the video above, recently started selling premium realistic sex dolls that have been 3D scanned and printed from real women…down to fractions of a millimetre. As well as complete with veins, which when implemented in their sex robots, will no doubt ‘pulse’ too. Will your first sex robot wife be Chinese? Probably…if you can get her through customs.

DS Doll Robotics next generation 3d printed sex dolls