3D printed sex robots - will they replace humans

Will Sex Robots of the Future Replace Humans?

Sex Robots

Here’s a superb documentary on sex robots that was uploaded to YouTube a couple of months ago. It’s frankly the most objective, fair, and informed video on sex robots that I’ve yet seen. If you want to know the present state and future prospects for sex robots, then I highly recommend you to watch it. It even touches a little on virtual reality porn. It gives some good insight into the progress of ‘Harmony’ the sex robot (or rather talking sex doll head) of Realbotix, and also correctly showcases the fantastic work being done by DS Doll Robotics in China to bring an authentic walking, talking android sex robot into being. The final segment, which takes a brief look at the two sides in the debate over whether sex robots are a social good or a dangerous harm, is very balanced and even includes a reference to a recent academic paper highlighting their potential to give sexual comfort to the elderly. A fantastic video and contribution to the sex robot debate – don’t forget to subscribe to the maker’s excellent YouTube channel which takes a positive look at all things robot related.

A study published in an academic journal recently noted that women find sex robots to be more threatening than men. In the video above, the presenter points out that the level of concern and debate over ‘sex robots’ would never be applied to any ‘smart vibrator’.