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Spotify Podcast On Digisexuality


Despite the explosion in recent AI-driven advances in sex tech, it’s still quite rare to find any discussion of what it all means in the broader sense of the future of our sexuality. Yes, you will find dozens of articles, YouTube videos, and podcasts every day devoted to the perils of AI porn, or the harmful effects of AI girlfriends, but not so often to do you find a piece devoted to the wider trend, let alone a fairly balanced piece, and one that embraces it all under the term digisexuality to boot. So it was quite refreshing to be alerted to a recent Spotify broadcast that looked at digisexuality in all its forms, past, present, and future. Hosted by a Canadian sexologist by the name of Dr. Cory Hrushka, with two female co-presenters, one of whom is a fellow sexologist, and the other, a younger intern-type figure who wasn’t given much opportunity to talk – a pity as she was the one of the three who appeared to have really done their homework on digisexuality.

Refreshing as it was, it was a little dissapointing that no reference was made of the origin of the term in Neil McArthur and Markie Twist’s famous academic paper from 2017 – ‘The rise of digisexuality‘. In fact, the discussion largely meanders excessively upon dating apps, although it is at times an interesting discussion, with the male Cory Hrushka being quite a forthright or even politically incorrect fellow, and unapologetically bringing up the issue of male disadvantage in the present dating market due to the likes of Tinder and female hypergamous preferences. Naturally, his female colleague isn’t 100% in agreement with that, at least in the idea that it in any way diminishes the standard narrative that women are the absolute victims of sex tech, or at least any evolving sex tech that men use.

Despite the faults, it’s certainly worth listening to, and also subscribing to the podcast channel, which is called – ‘Up the Rabbit Hole with a Sex Therapist’.