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Week In Sex Tech – AI Companions Combat Loneliness, Bill Maher On Digisexuals, First Passthrough VR AR Live Sex Cams, Women Fall In Love With ChatGPT’s ‘Dan’

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AI Companions Could Combat Loneliness According To Expert And Author Tony Prescott

It might be too obvious for words to say that AI companions could combat loneliness, but with all the anti-digisexual media coverage of such things, it’s welcome that an ‘expert’ has come out and said it.

Tony Prescott, a professor of cognitive robotics at the University of Sheffield, argues in his new book The Psychology of Artificial Intelligence that ‘relationships with AIs could support people’ with forms of social interaction..

Loneliness has been found to seriously impair human health, and Professor Prescott makes a case that advances in AI technology could offer a partial solution.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a rational or transparent world. For example, rising obesity levels are one of the biggest problems facing society, and in particular the welfare of children and young people. Yet instead of ‘fat shaming’, society does the opposite and celebrates obesity (or at least obese women). Loneliness has been recently found to be an even bigger risk factor for premature death than obesity. Still, here again, society becomes irrational in the possible solution of AI companions, which (at least AI girlfriends) are often painted as a threat, increasing inceldom, misogyny, and toxic masculinity.


“They’re Here, They’ve Got Gears, Get Used To It!” – Bill Maher On Digisexuals

Digisexuals were given a massive visibility boost by comedian and talk show host Bill Maher recently. While talking to fellow TV host Jimmy Fallon, he made a succession of sex robot gags, whilst portraying digisexuals as the next sexual minority rights movement, even to the point of parodying the LBGT chant – “We’re here, we’re queer, get used to it” into a digisuexal version of “They’re here, they’ve got gears, get used to it!”. Maher was discussing his new book – ‘What This Comedian Said Will Shock You‘, which has a chapter devoted to his observations on digisexuality.


SexLikeReal Introduce World’s First Passthrough Live Cam Shows

SexLikeReal launched their first VR live cam service in passthrough mode this week. The cute model Annemanifique became the world’s first live passthrough girl. With the launch of the Meta Quest 3, passthrough VR porn (also marketed as ‘AR porn’) has become a huge niche within the niche of VR porn itself, with many now only wishing to experience scenes in passthrough. Of course, it does require (as of now) a green screen as background, so it’s unclear how many VR cam girls will be able to offer the passthrough experience.


Women Are Falling In Love With Male ChatGPT Assistant ‘Dan’

Men may be denounced as ‘creepy’ for getting excited over the latest and flirtiest ChatGPT voice of Samantha (promptly withdrawn due to sounding too like Scarlett Johansson), it appears women have already long been falling head over heels in love with the Chad like voice of her male equivalent ‘Dan’. And of course, that is perfectly fine. A Chinese women living in the USA went viral on TikTok for proudly showing herself going on beach dates and romantic walks with Dan. ‘AI boyfriends’ seem to be very much more popular in China than in the West, despite the huge gender imbalance which leads to millions of Chinese men already unable to find a date.