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Cybrothel Berlin Allows You To Roleplay As Ken Or Barbie

The world’s leading and certainly most high-tech sex doll brothel is running a special promotion to capitalize on the success of the Barbie movie. The brothel have added two realistic life-size sex dolls of Ken and Barbie respectively, and you have either as you wish, or even both together. Cybrothel will even help you to roleplay as one or the other, complete with a narrator guiding you through a storyline. The Cybrothel Berlin also is one of the first sex doll brothels in the world to incorporate VR headsets to allow the combination of VR porn viewing and sex with a life-size doll.

With this campaign, Cybrothel Berlin allows fans to immerse themselves in the fantastic
world of Barbie. Customers will engage in an immersive and wild adventure where they
are not just observers, but active participants in the spectacle.
Reenact scenes from the current film with a life-sized silicone Barbie doll? Become the
main character in her life story and her most intimate moments? This experience is
exclusive to Cybrothel Berlin. As long as the film is in theaters, Ken, Barbie’s companion,
can be added for free upon booking. Similar to the film, he serves as decoration and a
spectator to the indulgences of his not-so-innocent girlfriend.
Not only the classic blonde Barbie is available for role-playing at the doll brothel, but also
all other dolls with their individual stories and personalities. After making an online
booking, customers are introduced to their life story by a professional narrator, allowing
them to immerse themselves in a completely different world and be enticed by sexual
fantasies and wild adventures.

Will Advances in Sex Tech Redefine Monogamy?

Psychologist and writer on the future of intimacy has speculated that advances in sex tech may change our attitudes towards monogamy. Marianne Brandon suggests that in a world in which virtual companions and VR sex become ubiquitous and lifelike, virtual sex will be less seen as ‘cheating’, and may even be a common way to spruce up a couple’s sex life. What the writer doesn’t do is explore the more interesting question as to wether monogamy itself might become increasingly old-fashioned, both for virtual and real partners.

For example, compare old-fashioned porn vs the newer, VR variety. Research demonstrates that people experience VR porn as more immersive and realistic than today’s version. Rather than watching someone on your laptop screen receive oral sex, you feel like you are looking down, watching yourself receive it. Rather than hear a person compliment another on a computer screen, the actor looks you in the eye, complimenting you directly. According to pornhub, VR is the fastest growing genre of porn. This makes sense, as the price of some VR glasses are becoming more affordable. So, while you may not have VR glasses today, your goggles will likely be arriving soon enough.

Today, even two-dimensional porn can be a contentious topic. For some people, it’s considered a form of cheating. While I don’t recall a man in my office complain that his partner was watching “too much” porn, I certainly have heard that concern from hetero women. And if today’s surveys are any indication, this gender difference is unlikely to change – at least not in the near future. Sometimes couples solve these challenging problems by instituting a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy. “What I don’t know doesn’t hurt me” is not an uncommon retort in my therapy room when couples find themselves at a standstill. Others identify boundaries such as “Just watch when I’m at work,” or “Only if I’m sleeping.” In these ways, partners try their best to treat each other’s desires respectfully while managing their own comfort levels. However, as porn becomes an increasingly personalized experience via virtual reality, and sex with realistic avatars becomes more feasible, I wonder how these conversations may change.

AI Girlfriends threaten to give men better lives – Man haters mobilize to stop it.

There is most certainly a war on AI girlfriends taking place, with increasing hysteria in the mainstream media of alleged harms that such ‘botsexual’ relationships could have. Even though it appears that sexy AI chatbots are proving popular with both women and men, these scare stories are without fail presented in the binary terms of toxic masculinity and female victimhood. There have been claims that AI girlfriend are already increasing the number of ‘incels’, and one famous (or infamous) feminist anti-sex robot campaigner has already began mobilizing to campaign against AI sex chatbots (which she now refers to along with sex robots as ‘pornbots’).

All this hasn’t gone unnoticed by men’s rights activists, and one of them uploaded this video to YouTube expressing his anger.

However, I predict that AI boyfriends will prove to be at least as popular for women as AI girlfriends are for men, and therefore society will very much calm down over the issue (or at least feminists will).

Tech’s X-Rated Revolution: AI, VR, and the Future of Internet Porn

Another interesting YouTube video I spotted, this one is a short and succinct overview of the likely future of sex and porn tech. Seems so familiar that I suspect whoever is behind it used my writings in his or her research.

AI Porn Site Wants To Crowdfund An AI Porn Video AND Webcam Girl Generator

An AI porn site that does not yet have a working AI porn generator has nevertheless set itself the lofty goal of developing not only an AI porn video generator but also AI-generated webcam girls. To this ‘’ needs your help, and is crowdfunding its roadmap, which has the goal of the AI webcam girls arriving by Q2 of next year. As their crowdfunding is hosted on their own site, I would be very wary of donating anything at the present time.