Light Field camera

Light Field Technology Breakthrough

XR Porn

According to a report at Eureka, there has been something of a breakthrough made by Google in the are of light field technology. Light field is a radically different way of recording photos and videos. Instead capturing points of light in the conventional way, it captures the angles of the light as well, enabling a kind of holographic recording of a scene, and potentially enabling video in which you could move around the scene.

“This is the latest culmination of our work in light fields,” Broxton, a lead author of the research, says. “We’re making this technology practical, bringing us closer to delivering a truly immersive experience to more consumer devices. Photos and videos play a huge role in our day-to-day experience on mobile devices, and we are hoping that someday immersive light field images and videos will play an equally important role in future AR and VR platforms.”

Will light field tech revolutionize virtual reality porn? I’m not so sure, as VR porn requires you (in most cases) to assume the body of the male actor, rather than autonomously moving around (of course, you can move your head which is enough to create something of an illusion of being in the scene).

Anyway, a small discussion on the subject took place in the Reddit /OculusNSFW forum.