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2020 Sex Robot Conference Will Be Virtual

Sex Robots

The fifth ‘Love and Sex with Robots’ conference that takes place every year in December (when it isn’t banned or posponed) will be virtual. Although hosted by a German company in Berlin, all the speakers will appear in a virtual conferencing setting. Obviously the decision is due to concerns over what social distancing measures will still be in place in December in Germany, although at least it means the conference will go ahead. The sex robot fest has had to be cancelled or postponed twice previously because of controversy. In 2015, it was due to take place in Muslim majority Malaysia, but was called off due to hostility from local clerics. And in 2018, it was postponed after alt-right figurehead Steve Bannon was found to be speaking at the same location as the conference was taking place (although not associated with it).

The conference is rather an academic affair, with various intellectuals, scientists, and writers giving papers to be discussed by the attendees.