Gatebox Upset Fans With New AI Demo Video

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Gatebox are a Japanese company who have produced their country’s answer to Alexa and Siri. And as you might suspect, it comes in the form of a cute anime girl (Azuma Hikari). And she’s holographic.

Well, she was holographic, but the company has upset fans by releasing a new demo video, highlighting how useful their AI personal assistant is for men currently working from home, and instead of the 3D holographic version, Azuma is now just a 2D representation on top of an Alexa type speaker. Some fans in the comments below the YouTube video have expressed their concern that Gatebox might be abandoning the holographic concept. It comes only months after fans earlier expressed displeasure at the decision of Gatebox to make their AI assistant more acceptable to Western consumers, by adding shoulder pads to Azuma.