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Age Gap Dating App Launched


Age gap relationships might be slightly out of vogue these days, and even seen as somewhat seedy and creepy, especially when it’s an older man dating a young woman, but that’s likely to change as age reversal technology means that soon we’ll all be living longer, healthier, and more youthful lives.

Engineer and entrepreneur David Minns has certainly made an early attempt to corner this future emerging market with the launch of 20.dating – a dating site app only for those keen to date partners at least 20 years younger or older than themselves.

The aim is to tackle the stigma around relationship age gaps, where women are often judged much more harshly than men (with the age-old trope of females being cougars when dating younger people). However, 20 Dating is not just for romance – platonic friendships are encouraged, too. ‘The glamorous world of movie stars and music artists is full of large age gap relationships, some as extreme as 20 years,’ David tells us. ’20 Dating brings a little of that in reach of us all. There will be older divorced men and women who want a radical change and adventure who will match perfectly with a 20 something who wants a mature partner. ‘But 20 is for all relationship types; from friendship to casual and serious

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