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The Week In Sex Tech – Orgasms On Demand, ‘Earn It’ Act Rushed Through, Top Five Sex Robots, Israeli Model Turned In To A Sex Doll

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Elon Musk’s Nuralink Could Give Users Orgasms On Demand

An article in the Daily Star looked at the possibility that Elon Musk’s controversial attempts to link human brains with computers could lead to ‘orgasms on demand’. Orgasms could not only be directly triggered by stimulating the brain, but potentially two people could share each other’s orgasm.

Using Neuralink “the stimulation of pleasure centres could be used to heighten arousal and orgasmic sexual response”, writes sex-tech expert Ben Barnes.

“If the pleasure responses of another person could be recorded by a chip, then that same pleasure experience could potentially be rewired into their partner, letting them know what their partner’s sexual pleasure feels like.”

Musk has said his company hopes to start implanting its chips in humans in 2022 — two years later than he’d originally promised.

Senators Rush Through ‘Earn It’ Act As Controversy Mounts

The controversial EARN IT Act, a proposed overhaul of internet rules that digital rights groups and sex worker advocates have overwhelmingly denounced as a threat to free speech, unanimously passed through the Senate Judiciary Committee this morning and is moving forward towards a Senate vote.

The bill passed on a “voice vote” and without any formal hearings to address serious issues of privacy and free speech.

The bill was reintroduced with much fanfare 10 days ago by Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut) and has been rushed through the committee process with unusual speed for such an important law.

Promoted by Blumenthal in partnership with his South Carolina Republican colleague Lindsey Graham, EARN IT was initially introduced in 2020 and purports to have as its goal to “protect victims and survivors of child sexual exploitation.” In reality, however, it is a broad overhaul of Section 230 protections — known by online rights advocates as the First Amendment of the internet — which would strip platforms of immunity for third-party uploaded content.

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YouTube Video Lists The Top 5 AI Female Sex Robots

A fun and somewhat informative, if not entirely accurate, look at the ‘top five sex robots’ to be found. In fact, the first sex robot they list – the infamous ‘Roxxxy’ – may never have been on sale in the first place.

Israeli Model Claims To Have Been Turned In To A Sex Doll Without Her Consent

3D printed sex dolls based upon body scans of real women is very much a thing now. It was only a matter of time that this was the next big sex tech scandal, a level up even from deepfake porn. Perhaps the first woman to claim to have been turned in to a sex doll without her consent is the Israeli model Yael Cohen Aris, who recently went on a British morning TV program to discuss the horror of it all.