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Kate Devlin Talks About Love In The Age Of Sex Machines

Ethics, Sex Robots

Kate Devlin is a British academic who has become pretty much the face of intelligent and reasoned discussion on sex robots. Back in 2015, she penned perhaps the best defence of sex robot technology yet published, in a piece at ‘The Conversation’.

This week she was interviewed by NPR in their ‘Hidden Brain’ podcast.

While some critics worry that sex dolls, especially ones with AI, cross a dangerous line, Kate believes much of the criticism comes from a fear of a technological landscape that feels unfamiliar and uncomfortable.

“I think that we have expectations that people have to meet a particular checklist of things in their life … that you should meet someone and then you should marry them and then have children with them, and these are all very kind of macho normative stances that societies impose. And you know what, if people want to shake that up, I think it’s good.”